Balaton Sound Music Festival 2017

balaton lakeHungary is the land of music festivals. One of the biggest music festivals Sziget is held on an island in Budapest every year (Sziget=Island in Hungarian) . These festivals run from 1 day to 7 days and they are fairly cheap comparing to festivals held in other countries (A 7-day pass for Sziget Festival is €325=£290).

This one that I went to, Balaton Sound, was held in Zamárdi. The 5-day pass cost about £180 and the camping ticket was £20. The line-up was absolutely amazing and my top 5 were Kygo, Axwell ^Ingrosso, Kshmr, Tiësto and a local band Punnany Massif. There are some more well-known artists like Robin Schulz, Zedd, G-eazy, Afrojack, Don diaplo and many more. However, some of the these performances are at late night (after 2am) and we just thought the 3-hour wait wasn’t worth it.

Here is what I liked about Balaton Sound. Firstly, the kind of music played was not commercial, people who came to this festival expect more of electronic, EDM, tropical house, tech-house or even techno music. Part of the reason why I would choose Balaton Sound over Sziget. Secondly, the location of the festival is perfect. We could go to swim and chill by the lake everyday before going to party, and the weather was always amazing. Thirdly, Hungary is relatively cheap comparing to any other European countries. We topped up our Festipay (A card you use to pay inside of the festival) for 30000 HUF each and we didnt spend it all, so it was about £100 for 5 days, which is such a good deal:) Although it is more expensive inside the festival, a can of beer/cider only cost about £3 and outside of the festival you can even get it for £1.

My overall experience of Balaton Sound was excellent, however, there are a couple of things that I would do to improve it. Firstly, I would bring earplugs and a sleeping eye cover. Camping is really good for budget saving but most of the time you will have to suffer from the noise (the loud music and also annoying neighbours). People would come back 3-4am in the morning and to be fair you don’t really have the right to tell them to shut up as it is a communal space. Secondly, we would bring something so we could sit outside and under the shades. I ended up buying a giant Popsicle pool float for us to sunbath in the lake and sit outside.


Last but not least, I would have avoided annoying people at the festival (The pushy, the over-aggressive, the over-affectionate, etc), since the behaviours of the crowds really influence my impression and experience of the festival. I still remember seeing a guy who got punched and passed out in a mosh pit during Sigma’s live performance and it was a bit scary.

I would say Balaton Sound is one of the best music festivals in Europe and for the price I paid, it was really worth it! £180 and I got to see all these great DJs:)) Hope to go back in 2018!


Backpackers Night Out-Spain

I have to admit that I’m a BIG night out person. No matter where I travel, I always wanted to experience the nightlife. Spain didn’t fail me and it was such a fun time that I’ll always remember! Good music (I love Reggaeton), cheap drinks (mainly beer and sangria) and people who know how to party!<3

If you are a female solo traveler like me, you should definitely go on a Backpackers Night Out! It’s not so safe to go party on your own and sticking with other solo travelers will help reduce the risks and it’s actually so interesting to meet other backpackers!


1) Barcelona
The hostel I stayed in during the time was not so much of a party hostel, its very modern and neat, pretty much quiet anytime of the day/night. However I’d give it an 8/10 because of the 24 hours front desk, the tidiness and the location. I saw this flyer about Backpackers Night Out on the wall and I heard two boys in the hostel talking about it. So I joined them and went to this bar to meet other backpackers together.

It was for 15 Euros. You get a discount if you went on a walking tour with the company, which I didn’t. I still think it was a deal though, it came with one tapas and a free drink, and 1 shot each in each bar (3 in totally) and entry to a nightclub. It was such a fun time! We were following our guide Laura to these places (she’s very fun and she’s allow to drink with us when working!), sharing stories with other travelers and partying hard! Maybe travelling alone makes me crave more for human interaction and there are just so much in common to talk about since we all love travelling.

We went to this beach club called Shoko, it is one of the most popular clubs and it was HUGE! The music they play were universal English songs and pretty much everyone sang along with it! Apparently in Spain, if you don’t see the sunlight when you leave the club, it’s an early night!(We have same party style in HK) Though other backpackers and I all left around 2am. Night traffic in Barcelona was a bit troublesome, we took a night bus and the journey was hella long. I don’t think we could get back to the hostel without internet. (I was jealous that American phone companies offer free roaming in Europe)cropped-1276734_1474728539442147_2674974705523102556_o1

When I asked Laura, she said that its not always the same club. The next night, I didn’t go on another Backpackers Night Out but went to this club called Opium. It is the biggest club in Barcelona but it was VERY PACKED. It is because you can put your name on the guest list by signing up on their website and enter FREE. I was very surprised by the age range as well, as I saw men that are over 50 years old and still partying hard! Though comparing to Shoko, the music was a lot better and the best thing is, you can go out to the BEACH! Just ask the security to give you a stamp and you can just go outside to get some air and dip you toes into the water.

Check out my vlog about the nightout here: (From 1:30)


2) Valencia
This might surprise you but Valencia has better music in my opinion. If you are a Reggaeton (Spanish music) lover like me, you should go on this backpackers night out in Valencia. The staff that host the event were so much fun! Lots of drinking games, socialising and dancing. I went on two nightouts with them, the barcrawling part was always really fun. However, on the second time I went with them, the club that we went to was really weird (Called La3), I think the theme for the night was LGBT. It wasn’t anything normal, the music was not dancy at all and people dressed weird. Since me and my friend were’t enjoying it, we left early and grabbed kebabs. It was Friday night and it cost 12 Euros and the first time I went was only 10 Euros, on a Wednesday. I think normally there are more people who go out on Wednesday than Friday there, and it’s cheaper as well, so highly recommend you to go on a Wednesday night!

So these are my experience for Backpackers Night Out in Spain, for Mallorca and Madrid, I didn’t go on backpackers nightout but partying with friends. I might share more about those partying experience if you guys enjoy reading! Have a good day:)

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My Dream as a Travel Blogger/Vlogger

backpackI’m a solo traveler. I always dream about being a travel blogger and here is my first baby step. To actually start writing a blog!

I’m also a full time university student, studying Hospitality & Tourism in University of Surrey. This year has been incredibly awesome, for the adventures I’ve taken and the people I’ve met.

During holidays, I’ve been visiting other European countries, like Italy, Netherlands, Croatia and Spain. I absolutely love the experience I had! Travelling makes me more open-minded, find out about myself (mainly how silly and dependent I am) and really challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone. I’m here, urging you, to at least try travelling alone for once.

At times, it gets a bit boring and a bit lonely. But it is to let you be free, to go somewhere that no one knows about you and be YOU. I met a bunch of amazing people when I was travelling, they came from different countries and have different backgrounds and cultures. Everyone was very opened and I love listening to the stories they share, I think they are so much cooler than I am and have so much backpacking experience!

I know that this is something that I would never get bored of. Travelling, exploring, meeting new people and learning about cultures.One day, I will make this work!

Currently I’m saving up for my next adventure, can’t wait to go on another one as soon as possible! The world is so big and has so much to offer ❤